Baichen Hot Selling Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair, BC-68B

  • Travel Distance: 20-22km
  • Max Loading: 150kg
  • Battery: 24V 20Ah Lithium Battery
  • Turning Radius: 90cm
  • Motor Voltage: 24V
  • Charging Time: 4-6h
  • Net Weight: 45kg
  • Battery Weight: 1.5kg*2
  • Front Wheel: 17.8cm Solid Tire
  • Seat Depth: 41cm
  • Rear Wheel Diameter: 21.6cm Solid Tire
  • Seat Width: 45cm
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    This product is an electric wheelchair and electric stair chair in one!

    The Baichen battery-powered stair wheelchair provides safe transportation up and downstairs for the sick, disabled, and elderly.

    Equipped with two-wheel motors, adjustable speed, movable gimbal wheels, and a loud horn.

    The battery-powered stair wheelchair has a powered track system that makes transporting passengers up and down stairs a simple task. When operating this chair, the powered track comes into contact with the stairs, allowing the chair to glide over the edge of the stairs without the need to lift the passenger and the chair.

    The battery-powered stair chair can be used for medical transport, daily assistance up and downstairs.

    Baichen offers a mobility solution when you need it most. This easy-to-use and cost-effective design is the first choice for many professionals.


    1)Can be used at home for elderly people and in medical facilities

    2)Light-weight, aluminum construction powder-coated frame

    3)Navigation light for dark stairways

    4)Ergonomic lifting handles with molded hand grips to reduce stress and provide extra control for caregiver

    5)Locking guide handles extend for secure lifting if necessary

    6)Telescoping lift handles easily adjust to caregivers' specific needs

    7)Dual, extra traction treads withstand high volume use, high durability tracks for non-slip traction on any surface with adjustable track

    8) 2 in swiveling front castors increase range of motion and sharper turn radius for use in confined spaces

    9) The back wheels diameter 12.5", and equipped with two wheel-hub motors, speed adjustable, movable universal, high loud horn; the motor shift can change to manual control when power off

    10)Easy-to-fold, compact for convenient storage for small spaces

    11)Retractable solid footrest ensures safe transport and added comfort

    12)4-point patient safety belt

    13)Head support and the headrest are easily removed for storage

    14)Easy to clean, grease-free maintenance

    15)CE and ISO Certificate

    Product Feature

    ✅✅✅CLIMBING STAIR CHAIR WHEELCHAIR: The electric climbing wheelchair with a crawler, great for mobility aid wheelchair. Three motors are powerful, 200W upstairs motor, 250W on flat ground

    ✅✅✅UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENT CONTROLLER: 360 ° rotating joystick, only a single finger to gently control and walk and stop the elderly is easier and more convenient

    ✅✅✅SAFE AND EASY TO CONTROL: The electric wheelchair is also used as a stretcher. There is a flexible handle in the front of the wheelchair, it is easy to use.150KG strong load-bearing adopts aluminum alloy frame, lightweight, durable

    ✅✅✅PRACTICAL: Easy to operate with the superior design joystick. The maximum speed is up to 7km/h (4.3mph). Adjustable seat belts, to provide more protection for passengers

    ✅✅✅HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY: Go the distance with a high-capacity battery that lets you travel over 15 miles (25 km) on a single charge. It is very compact and neat after folded. It is easy to be put in your car boot. Manual / electric switch, four-speed adjustable lever.


    About Baichen Medical

    ✔ Baichen Medical is a CN manufacturer that is committed to offer the best Mobility Products.

    ✔ All products backed by Baichen Medical Gold Standard 24x7 Customer Support!

    ✔ Will give you back your mobility freedom guaranteed or your money back.

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