How many skills do you know about the maintenance of electric wheelchair batteries?

The popularity of electric wheelchairs has allowed more and more elderly people to travel freely and no longer suffer from inconvenience of legs and feet. Many electric wheelchair users worry that the battery life of their car is too short and the battery life is insufficient. Today Ningbo Baichen brings you some common tips for battery maintenance of electric wheelchairs.

At present, the batteries of electric wheelchairs are mainly divided into two types, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. These two battery maintenance methods have in common, such as not exposed to excessive heat, avoid exposure to the sun and so on.



1. Maintain deep charge and discharge

As long as the wheelchair battery is in use, it will go through a charge-discharge-recharge cycle, whether it is a lithium battery or a lead-acid battery, a deep cycle can help extend the life of the battery.

It is generally recommended that the deep cycle discharge should not exceed 90% of the power, that is to say, it is fully charged after one cell is used, which can maximize the effect of maintaining the battery.

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2. Avoid long-term full power, no power state

High and low power states have adverse effects on battery life. If you keep it fully charged or empty for a long time, it will greatly shorten the life of the battery.

When charging the battery at ordinary times, pay attention to fully charging it, and do not keep the charger plugged in, let alone use it while charging; if the electric wheelchair will not be used for a long time, the battery should be fully charged and placed in a cool and dry place.

3.How to maintain the new battery

Many people think that the battery is very durable when it is bought, and the power will be low after a period of time. In fact, the correct maintenance of the new battery can effectively improve the lifespan.

The brand new electric wheelchair will be fully charged by the manufacturer before leaving the factory, and the general power will be more than 90%. You should drive in a safe and familiar area at this time. Don’t drive too fast the first time, and keep driving until the battery is fully discharged.


In summary, for a battery to last, it needs to be used regularly and maintain a healthy charge-discharge cycle.

Post time: Aug-02-2022