What maintenance methods can prolong Aluminum alloy Wheelchair’s service life

Although aluminum alloy electric wheelchair are extremely common in life, they still require to be well maintained during usage. If you utilize the mobility device thoughtlessly, it will quickly reduce the life span of the mobility device, and also you will ultimately have to invest money to buy it again. Allow’s have a look at how to preserve a wheelchair?

Always examine the versatility of activities and also rotating structures, and also use lubes. If for some reason the axle of the wheel needs to be eliminated, see to it that the nuts are tightened and will certainly not loosen up when reinstalling.


Electric wheelchairs ought to develop the practice of billing right away after use, so as to maintain the battery completely billed. It is forbidden to save the electric wheelchair in a power shortage; if the electric aluminum alloy wheelchair is not used for a very long time, the storage in a power shortage will seriously influence the service life, as well as the longer the idle time, the a lot more major the battery damage will certainly be. Electric aluminum alloy wheelchair that are still must develop the behavior of charging them routinely. Maintain the battery in a “complete state” for a long time. And also keep out of the rain! Take it easy as well as wait.

The attaching screws of the seat structure are freely linked, and also tightening up is strictly forbidden.

Keep the tires with adequate atmospheric pressure, and also do not enter contact with oil and acidic materials to prevent degeneration.

Frequently examine the condition of the tires, repair the rotating components in time, and also include a small amount of lubricating oil consistently.

Before making use of the mobility device and also within one month, check whether the screws are loose, as well as tighten them in time if they are loose. In typical use, examine every three months to ensure that all components are in good condition. Inspect all kinds of solid nuts on the aluminum alloy electric wheelchair (specifically the taking care of nuts on the back axle). If looseness is located, it requires to be readjusted as well as tightened in time.

Maintain the body clean and also put it in a completely dry and also aerated place to avoid parts from rusting.

Fully comprehend the tool, just how to utilize it, and also the functions of the different switches. Don’t buy something, and you can’t utilize it flexibly at defining moments, specifically how to begin as well as just how to stop rapidly, which can play a vital function in unexpected events.

Post time: May-25-2023