Superlight 11.5kg carbon fiber rigid Electric Wheelchairs For Sale

  • Material: Carbon Fibre+Aluminium
  • Motor: 190W*2 brushless motor
  • Battery: 5.2ah lithium
  • Controller: Import 360°joystick
  • Reverse Speed: 0-6km/h
  • range: 20km
  • front wheel: 7 inch
  • rear wheel: 12inch(pneumatic tire)
  • size(unfold): 92*90*64cm
  • size(fold): 84*39*64cm
  • N.W(with battery): 14.5kg
  • N.W(without battery): 11kg
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    Introducing the world’s lightest electric wheelchair: the ultimate mobility solution

    Innovative design and unparalleled performance

    The world's lightest electric wheelchair weighs only 11.5 kilograms and is revolutionizing the mobility aid industry. This wheelchair is made of a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy materials, with a sturdy structure and excellent load-bearing capacity. This ensures durability and reliability, allowing users to traverse various terrains with ease. Say goodbye to bulky wheelchairs, this ultra-lightweight device paves the way for unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

    A game changer for security and convenience

    Equipped with a small removable lithium battery, this wheelchair not only provides high-quality performance but also ensures maximum safety. Rest assured, the battery has been rigorously tested to ensure it will not spontaneously ignite or explode, giving users peace of mind during their travels. Thanks to significant advances in battery technology, users can now enjoy longer journeys without worrying about running out of power. This cutting-edge feature truly sets this power wheelchair apart from its competitors.

    Powerful motor delivers unparalleled performance

    This wheelchair uses a self-developed ultra-light motor with low operating noise and strong power. The quiet performance of the motor ensures a pleasant and comfortable experience for the user and those around them. Due to its high power output, users can easily negotiate steep slopes and uneven surfaces without any hassle. Whether it's daily errands or outdoor adventures, this power wheelchair is designed to deliver unparalleled performance in every aspect.

    Seamless control at your fingertips

    For added convenience, this wheelchair also comes with an optional remote control. This feature allows users to easily operate the device from a distance without having to manually operate it in a small space. Whether controlling speed or changing direction, the remote puts you in control. With this convenient addition, Baichen Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is committed to providing a truly user-centered experience based on your individual needs.


    A trusted partner for innovation and market insights

    At Baichen Medical Devices Co., Ltd., we pride ourselves on continually pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. With in-depth knowledge of the market, we actively work with corporate clients to analyze and investigate their target markets. We provide valuable insights and strategies to protect their business and stay ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving industry. Believe that we will be your reliable partner, providing innovative products and comprehensive support. Together, let’s embrace a future of increased mobility and independence.

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